• sniper-ghost-warrior-2-15981-1920x1080[1]
    15 2014 April

    Respect The Shooter: What Happened To Honesty By: @SexyUnderHere

    Respect The Shooter What happened to honesty? What happened to telling it like it is? What happened to being you and nothing but you? What happened to winning by who you are and if taking...

  • cypher the-shop-blog
    14 2014 March

    [Video] Greek Cypher

    Alongside @TravQue and @ChrisStylezz, The Shop Blog’s own Wordsmiff bka @ISwearIAintHit on Twitter spit some serious bars for their street cypher. You might have to run this back a couple of times to catch all the...

  • ME_249_AllRelationshipsExplained[1]
    24 2014 February

    The Relationship Draft: Choose Wisely By: @SexyUnderHere

    “He “ain’t sh*t” “He ain’t sh*t too” “Oh that n*iggggga? He ain’t sh*******t” Guess what ladies? You are correct! A lot of men really aren’t about anything. Just looking for a socket to plug. Get...

  • black power fist the-shop-blog
    20 2014 February

    What They Think Of Us By @ACaseOnline

    Sometimes I forget it’s Black History Month; I mean with all that’s going on this month, can you blame me? Let’s start with murderer turned self proclaimed American hero, George Zimmerman....

  • Doctor-Cartoon[1]
    19 2014 February

    The Diagnosis of Relationships in this Generation By: @ISwearIAintHit

    On a late Monday Night/Tuesday Morning, I was up thinking as I usually do. This night I just so happened to be thinking about why relationships in our generation are just so… lost. It lead...

  • youth-ministry-media-social-media-etiquette[1]
    19 2014 February

    As Told By Tiffany Confessionals: Social Media Etiquette

    The ShopBlog’s very own, Tiffany is hitting us with another episode from her webseries “As Told By Tiffany.” In this confessional, Tiffany talks about all the faux pas we commit on social media networks on...

  • the college dropout the-shop-blog
    10 2014 February

    How ‘The College Dropout’ Changed My Life

    One of the most outspoken, controversial and influential rappers of our generation Kanye West released his first studio album ten years ago today. For some it doesn’t seem that long ago but it’s been a...

  • flappy bird the-shop-blog
    08 2014 February

    Finally! A Method To Beat Flappy Bird

    I didn’t think it was possible but there is actually a way to beat Flappy Bird. The simple game has been the craze on Android and iPhone users as of late because it hard to...

  • amiri baraka the-shop-blog
    06 2014 February

    Remembering Amiri Baraka by @astoldbyTiffy

    Amiri Baraka, the dramatist, novelist and poet was one of the most respected and widely published African-American writers. With the peak of the Civil Rights Movements during the sixties, Baraka took the anger of African-Americans...

Respect The Shooter What happened to honesty? What happened to telling it like it is? What happened to being you and nothing but you? What happened to winning by who you are and if taking a loss happens because of it, well that’s just it. In all reality, we’re all in this big game trying...

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Here is the video re-cap of the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit featuring 11 of the top USA players and 11 of the top international players. The game turned out to be a very competitive one with a few lead changes but in the end Team USA was able to pull away 84-73 Win In 17th...

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With Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the way, Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar drop their visuals to “It’s On Again”....

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Entrepreneur Spotlight Presents: @LAUNYC_

April 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

Lifestyle Aesthetics Undefined NYC (LAUNYC) is a multi-faceted firm serving private companies and the public by achieving proper synergy between brand management and E-commerce. Established in 2004, in one of the oldest districts of Florence, Italy; Giofre’ has become a haven for fashion. All phases of production are handled in house. This includes the conception of...

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Last night Drake was the guest host of “Lie Witness News” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Pretty funny video as the Canadian rapper goes around in a disguise asking fans about no one other than himself. One of the random pedestrians he encountered was actually a fan and of course Drake showed him love after he...

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