Top 10 Dumbest Things Women Say By: @ISwearIAintHit

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Okay people I’m back!!! SO!! Fellas we deal with women on a day to day basis. So with the help of some educated men of the community; I’ve put together the top 10 stupidest things females say. Ladies 2012 is ending, we made it, the mayans were wrong!!! Being that they were wrong, lets leave these stupid sayings behind us in 2013! TURN ME UP GAWDD!!!

10. “No But It’s Different”
This always happens in arguments with you women. She does something, you compare it to another incident that applies, and she just looks at you and says “No, But its different.” NO ITS NOT!! It’s only different cuz it doesnt support your argument. This is a childish tactic that just shows you lost the argument. Give it up maam.

never dont this before

9. “I’ve Never Done This Before”
Do yall really think we believe this? You tell us you’ve never done it, then proceed to suck the skin off. Care to explain how you perfected the buss it open this fast? We’re not as dumb as you think b. Its okay if you want to get crazy and not be judged. Once you start trying to justify it with this stupid quote we know you a hoe ma.

8. “When They Say The Same Word Twice”
You ever have a female explain some hoe shit she’s done? Sounds something like this:

“I didnt like sex sex him.. but I sexed him”
WHAT!!! How does that even make sense? Whats the difference? Does the “sex sex” part mean you used a condom or something? Its confusing.

What if I said “Ok I smashed your mom. But I didnt smash smash your mom, I just… SMASHED it”. Does that make it better? Hopefully this makes makes sense, not just makes sense…. I guess.

7. “I’m Not Gonna Have Sex With You But Ill Suck You Off”
Wait.. Wait.. So you mean to tell me, you’re going show me what that mouf do but not let me hit? So same result less work? Okay maybe this isnt dumb.. Yall can keep saying this.
6. “Women Have It So Hard”
We all do. Tyler Perry reminds us in every goddamn movie. Fuck up.
Vintage Image of the "We can do it!" Rosie the Riveter Poster by
5. “Im Not Taking My Husbands Last Name?”
So after them $200 dates, ignoring your body count, doing away with double standards and abiding by the 90 Day rule; you’re going to tell him you’re not taking his last name? Okay cool. Tell me how that works out for you. I understand you’re an independent & strong woman, but this will NEVER rock with most men. Sorry, but marriage is way deeper than your pride for your vagina. Get over yourself.

4. “Men Do It Too”
WE DONT GIVE A DAMN!!! We’re not dating men (well not me at least) so we dont care if men do it too. You comparing men and women never ever matters in an argument. So stay away from this tactic.
3. “So What You’re Saying Is”
This usually comes with a lengthy explanation of what you just didn’t say. AT ALL! Stay away from deciphering what men say because we say what we mean and mean what we say. There’s no magical meaning behind it. When having a convo its free flowing thought. Don’t make talking to you any more difficult than it already is.

2. “What Are We?”
Chicks always find the WRONG time to ask this and it’s usually RIGHT before sex:

*things start getting real mcnasty*
Her: Okay, okay stop. What are we?
You: *confused face*… NAKED!! WE’RE FUCKIN NAKED!!

Ladies stop asking questions and embrace the penis. Its always best to ask us AFTER bucknasty nekked tahm. Thats when our royal oats are empty and you may get some actual solid answers. #ImJustSayin
1. “I’m Not Like Other Girls”
YES THE HELL YOU ARE! If this isnt said by every. single. girl. EVER. How are you so different? Do you bleed once a month? YES. Do you make terrible decisions based off of your emotions? YES. Do you say stupid things like this statement? YES! So how exactly are you different?

In conclusion; Ladies cut the shit out. Its annoying and repetitive. We’ve caught on to you heathens!!!!

Stop Bitching Spit Invictus And Get Over It

– Pappy

Leave a comment below with more dumb things said by our beautiful women.

2 Responses to Top 10 Dumbest Things Women Say By: @ISwearIAintHit

  1. Omfgbitch says:

    “I didn’t have a choice.”
    Ladies the only time this statement is remotely true is rape. Your inability to make a decision does not constitute a lack of choice. I shall use my current situation to explain.
    My wife: I’ve been looking at new phones on the internet. (After smashing her old one.)
    Me: (while working 60+ hours a week) well let’s go to the store and get one.
    My wife: ok

    At Verizon

    Played with 1 phone and spent last 15 minutes before store closes bitching about the prices of the phones when I make $170,000+ a year. Leaves with no phone. Could’ve had 10 of any phone in there but “didn’t have a choice.”

    Bitch please.

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