Top 10 Things Guys Do That Piss Women Off… And Why? By: @ISwearIAintHit #TheShopBlog

Published On March 28, 2013 | Entertainment, Relationships

So it is Women’s History Month right? Well I figured I’d give you all a gift. It’s plenty things we (the male species) do that pisses you off. Well I’m here to explain why. THANK ME LATER JAWNS!! This won’t be in any order, so you choose!


Short Responses to Long Text Messages

It’s not so much that we don’t care; we just don’t care as much to send a long text message back. Usually it’s something that could’ve been had on a telephone. So that short text message is actually all we could think to say that could prove that point. You call it lazy we call it effective.


Make Generalizations

Women get so aggravated with men when we talk about women generally. Usually because most women feel like they’re the exception or that “men do it too”. We understand this 100%, we just don’t care. It’s called venting, we don’t date men. Want to see men bashing men there’s #BattyFishTwitter. There’s always going to be generalizations ladies. Deal with it.


Say No Homo

Ladies this doesn’t make us homophobic sometimes it just has to be said. I’m sorry if I tweet “DAMN LEBRON PUTTING THAT D ON MELO.” I gotta say no homo. It’s a must! Y’all will never understand at all. Sorry it’s just things men do yo.

Ask “What” or say “IDK”

Listen, sometimes y’all hit us with a barrage of questions we have no answers for. HOW ELSE WILL WE BUY TIME? What or Idk works perfectly. Not only does it buy us time but it confuses you as well! Think about it. When we be like “What?” You be like “What.. What?” Then when we say “Idk” you say “What? How don’t you know?” See? Now we’re both confused. Mission Accomplished. Asshole.


Cum Fast

Okay listen it’s not our fault you’re too slow on the draw. How does it go in western films? Last one to pull out n shoot dies right? SAME CONCEPT! Ok ok I Kid. It’s usually a mixture of happiness to be in a new wetness cave of greatness and sometimes we just haven’t done it in a while. At the end of the day it’s still your fault. Nobody told you to be new vagina in the first place -_-.

Patronize During Arguments

Ex: “Okay babe you got it”

“OK OK OK. Sorry babe I love you and I’ll do better”

We only do this so you can SHUTUP. If we try to argue then the argument will never end. So don’t take it as we’re being assholes, we’re actually considering your feelings and taking the high road.



Men ONLY have sex with other women to practice for you! Y’all like good sexy time right?? That takes practice okay!!! So be grateful that some men are out there willing to put their penises on the line FOR YOU! And y’all have the nerve to be bitter. Stop being so selfish ladies.


Have Fun W/o You

It’s because most of you are stupid smelly girls. Lmao I’m kidding. A little. Man fun is different from woman fun. We can’t reminisce about our past with you like we do with the boys. How would you feel if we burst out laugh and said “BABE OMG REMEMBER I ALMOST GOT SHANTIFAH PREGNANT DURING THAT TRAIN WE RAN?” We can’t say that. Just like you can fully be you with your homegirls. Give us some space yo.


Look At Other Girls

Men are visual beings. We see with our eyes, clearly. That was so dumb to say, but y’all get the point. We look at you all day so of course when we see something new and attractive we’re going to be intrigued by it. So it’s not the fact that we’re jerks and pigs. I mean we are, but it’s deeper than that. Y’all don’t understand what goes down in that one glance. Trust you don’t wanna know either. Just know… It.. Goes.. Down. You’d rather that than us actually going for it right? See!

Fake Listen

Studies show women say a lot more words than guys do. Due to this fact, you guys make it hard to listen to you sometimes. Especially in arguments. EVEN MO ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS ON THE PHONE. You can literally put the phone down, mute it, take a piss, then come back, and she’ll still be going off. The crazy part is she really believes you sat there and listened to her. Meanwhile it only took you 2-3 minutes to get your point across. Ladies simplify your words please. It doesn’t take much for us to understand. I won’t steer you wrong here.

Did I miss anything? If so leave a comment and let me know

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  1. Sandra says:

    You guys always think that u r rite and a lot of times u r wrong. And when we don’t want to be messed with u still mess with us WHY

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